Eastern Golden Forest Dragon & Koi Pond – Limited Edition Giclée Signed Numbered Print 16″ x 20″


A curious golden dragon explores a new pond in the middle of untouched forest, and discovers some new friends. Fine art Giclee print 16″x20″ by Emily “Mott” Mottesheard.

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A curious golden dragon explores a new pond in the middle of untouched forest, and discovers some new friends.

There is an ancient Chinese myth about a large school of golden koi swimming up the Yellow River. They come to a great waterfall and many turn back, but a few stay to try to surmount it. Local demons appear and mock them, increasing the size and power of the waterfall, however after 100 years of struggle, a single triumphant koi emerges from the top of the waterfall. The gods, so impressed by the little fish’s perseverance and determination, bestow upon him the greatest gift they can, turning the little koi into a beautiful golden dragon, the image of power and strength.

This painting represents my personal ideal of tranquility and combines my love of West Virginian mountain forests and natural springs, Neoclassical period of art, the beauty of koi ponds, and a golden splash of fantasy to excite the imagination. I also set out to express that perfect feeling of peace and that washes over you at the end of a great struggle that you manage to finally triumph over. Look upon this painting and remind yourself of all the struggles you’ve had in your life that are now behind you, and give yourself a moment of peace and happiness as you acknowledge your journey and give yourself the credit you deserve for surviving and triumphing over those challenges.

While the original is spoken for, I have a limited number of 16″ x 20″ giclée prints available. What is giclée? Giclée refers to the way in which a print is made, using non-acidic archival satin art paper and 6-color process UV resistant inks and color matched to duplicate the original painting as closest in quality possible. This process creates a beautiful reproduction of the original work that will not only last well over 100 years without fading (even longer if framed in protective glass and kept out of direct sunlight), it will also increase in value due to its limited nature and closeness to the original in quality of color. While I do offer smaller unlimited digital prints of this piece, I am only printing 25 total limited edition giclée prints at the 16×20 sizing, which is the same size as the original work. This means that you will own 1 of only 25 archival prints ever made of that size!

Each print has a 2 inch white border to allow for matting and framing. Print title, artist signature, and number is written in the white border along the bottom edge of the print. Every giclée print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by myself, matching and verifying the information written below the print.

Extra care is made to ensure safe handling of each giclée print, so please allow 5-7 business days processing (If you require a rush order contact me before you make your purchase so I can make special arrangements for you). All prints are carefully rolled and packaged securely in 3″ x 20″ shipping tubes, however contact me before purchase if you would like a custom quote to have the print professionally matted and framed before shipping. I ship international but prices will vary depending on destination country. If you would like a more accurate shipping cost estimate for international orders, please feel free to contact me and I can try and give you a more exact shipping estimate so you can plan your art purchase accordingly.

I hope that this piece will bring you the same joy that I had in creating it for you.

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