Eastern Golden Water Dragon & Koi Fish – Digital Fine Art Print


First in the “Dragon & Koi” series. Digital Print in multiple size options.


There is an old story of ancient Chinese myth of a determined koi fish who, after much perseverance and adversity, managed to swim up the impossible currents of a mighty waterfall and reach the realm of the gods, who rew arded the fish by turning it into a powerful golden dragon. Is the dragon in this painting meeting new friends or catching up with old?

This story resonated with me as I too had faced and survived much adversity recently, and this painting was the first of many I am creating to bring healing to my psyche. I have received compliments from those who have purchased this print on how much this art piece helps them unwind after a stressful day, and one fan even told me that my art “heals her soul”. To this day it is the best compliment I have ever received and I hold onto those words when I sit down to paint, for motivation and inspiration.

This painting was originally done on 8×10 mounted canvas using acrylics, however you can have the option of owning a much larger version! Prints are available from 8×10 up to 16×20! Just choose your preferred size in the drop down menu before heading to checkout.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 11 × .25 in

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