About Mott

I have been creating art professionally since 2000, and created art since before I could remember. Born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, my best memories were camping trips in the Appalachian mountains and hiking trails through the lush forests of West Virginia’s State Parks. Being able to play in these forests and creeks allowed my imagination to run wild and I try to capture that emotion I had then and inject it into my work.

My work has spanned multiple genres from pop culture to fantasy to peaceful landscapes, however my current passion is combining the beautiful flora of the Appalachian mountains with fantastical elements, using this combination to evoke the sense of wonder and imagination a child can have while running through the woods. Many have told me how my art has helped give them a sense of peace which I take as one of the best compliments I’ve ever received in my career. Some times I don’t feel like I peddle art so much as happiness.

I hope I can, at least briefly, brighten your day a little bit today, just by browsing my work. And if you find yourself smiling today, consider purchasing some of my work and make that smile a more permanent fixture to your day. 🙂